1. RepRap Calculator v2
  2. MendelMax RepRap Calculator

Hot Ends/Extruders

  1. Budaschnozzle - LulzBot
  2. J-Head
  3. QU-BD
  4. MakerGear
  5. Derivative of Greg's Wade Extruder

RepRap Stores

  1. LulzBot
  2. TechPaladin Printing
  3. MakerGear
  4. MakerBot
  5. QU-BD
  6. RoboSprout
  7. MendelMax Trinity Labs
  8. MakerFarm
  9. Panucatt Devices - Combined RAMPS and Arduino Mega into one package and amazing Helios 12V heatbed.
  10. UltiMachine - RepRap hardware and electronics
  11. Terawatt Industries - Terawatt Industries designs and manufactures open-source 3D printers
  12. Maker’s Tool Works - MendelMax store
  13. EckerTech - Canadian RepRap store
  14. Ultibots - Florida based RepRap store

Electronics Stores

  1. Pololu Robotics and Electronics - A4988 stepper motor driver carrier and stepper motors.
  2. Electronix Express

Hardware Stores

  1. McMaster-Carr - Mechanical, electrical, and utility hardware.
  2. SDP/SI - Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instrument - High quality precision parts and assemblies (timing belts, pulleys, sprockets, couplings, universal joints, fasteners, gearmotors, sintered bearings, precision ball bearings, precision gears, etc.)
  3. MiSUMi USA - Fixed components for the factory automation, press die, plastic mold. Supplier of aluminum extrusions used for MendelMax.
  4. 80/20 - Supplier of aluminum extrusions. They have Amazon store.
  5. Fastenal - Mechanical, electrical, and utility hardware. Supplier of aluminum extrusions.
  6. MendelMax list of alternate extrusions suppliers
  7. igus - Plastic bushings, linear bearings, self-aligning bearings, linear guides, etc.
  8. VXB - Ball bearings.


  1. netfabb Cloud Service - Web based file processing - analyze, check and repair your STLs.
  2. MendelMax
  3. MendelMax Build - TechPaladin
  4. KitBOM - Open-source projects hardware bill-of-materials (BOMs).
  5. MakerSlide - Open Source Linear Bearing System - Open Source Linear Bearing System
  6. Build Log - Open source equivalent of the research notebook. It can be used to document the progress of a project, or collaborate with others.
  7. Inventables - Inventables is the hardware store for DIY manufacturing, selling all kinds of materials in small quantities for purchase with a credit card.
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